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August Update

Wow! Can it be the end of August already (OK, it’s the start of September but you know what we mean!).

We’re now 38 and a bit weeks pregnant and the waiting game for the arrival of bub has definately begun. Kate’s been on maternity leave for 3 weeks with no sign of any arrival, but she’s getting use to the new lifestyle of lunches, DVDs and naps, in fact from her point of view it’s all pretty bareable :) Bub is well and our only concern is that she’s going to be a sporting star (while neither of us have much ability in this area there’s sporting genes in both branches of the family) given how much she likes to thump around. She also really seems to like live classical music, so that’s another option. Obviously we’d be dead proud of whatever our little genis takes on, it’s just that if it’s sport we’re going to have to fain interest :)

Our social life has hit slow down mode, given that Kate’s energy levels have dropped some what. But we’ve still had a great month, the highlight of which was our ‘bump bash’ or baby shower. Given the size of our house we instead ended up hiring a venue in Carlton which was great, an old railway station which is now a neighbourhood house. So our guests had the chance to not only help us celebrate, but also pick up some sex ed brochures, or sign up for the local knitting circle. Kate’s birthday was also in August, the 17th, and she had a quiet but lovely day, starting with breakfast outside (it was brisk!) on her new outdoor furniture (a lovely birthday present from Andrew) and then lunch with the family in Mentone, and rounded out by a full moon gathering at Alice’s. We’ve also made it out to our last MTC play of the year, the surprisingly good ‘Cat on a Hot Tin Roof’, surprising because we both enjoyed it, even though it was a Tennesse William’s play.

On the house front Tim and Andrew have installed a second new cupboard in the kitchen, which looks fabulous and means that we have some empty shelves! And have also removed our outside loo to give us a bit more storage space, and hopefully move the boxes out of the dinning room sometime soon.

Andrew’s also passed his final unit of study, battling through the legal ins and outs of the relevant law, and is curently on study hiatis, but may well go back once bub makes her appearance and we’ve had a chance to settle into life with her around.

So a short update this month, but we’re hale and hearty, and waiting for the imminent arrival of our bump, it’ll be so good to meet her!

Posted by Kate on Sep 05 2008 under Scott News

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  1. Bob Says:

    Good luck! Can’t wait for the ex-bump blog :))

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