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Harriet joins the family

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It seems like such a long time since the last post – much longer than the 30 days September is meant to have. And the big news is of course that we’ve met little Harriet Zara Scott after close to 43 weeks waiting, who is now home with us. And we continue the waiting, but of different kinds: waiting for her to finish feeding, waiting for her to drop off to sleep, and waiting for her to look into your eyes with the direct and trusting stare that is so appealing. It’s quite clear who’s boss here – and it ain’t us. I guess it’s good to get these things sorted up front.

Lucky Harriet turned up when she did, as Kate’s maternity leave goal of having lunch out with every able-bodied person in Victoria was close to completion, and she had even started lunching with people from other states, such as when Anneliese was in town. We also travelled up to Ballarat to lunch with Em, Dave, and their kids.

Australia (and New Zealand) celebrate Fathers’ Day in September, and we joined Kate’s parents and brothers to picnic in a nearby park. Andrew was allowed to celebrate Fathers’ Day as it was close to Harriet’s birth, and received a present of some fluffy slippers. They may not be a fashion statement, but they’re totally warm, and Kate thought a very suitable Fathers’ Day gift (plus Harriet kicked her whilst she was choosing the slippers, obviously indicating her approval).

In order to help speed up Harriet’s arrival, we thought some long walks were in order. Since the Show was on, it’s close by, and we hadn’t been since we moved to Kensington, this was incorporated into a walking trip. Highlights included the dog show judging and the wood-chopping (see photos). And a show bag full of unhealthy food, of course.

But none of this excitement or exertion made any difference, and Harriet seemed determined to stay in her comfy Kate-mobile. The obstetrician had given up, and booked an induction. The threat of this seemed enough for Harriet, who quickly got a move along. We arrived at the hospital at midnight, and four hours later on Friday 26th September, Harriet was born.

This also worked out quite well for the West Australian grandparents, who had flights to arrive a couple of days later on the Sunday. Grandad and Grandma (as they are now known – although others may know them as Lindsay and Nancy) visited when we had moved from the hospital to the five-star comfort of the Sofitel (good to see those health insurance dollars providing some real benefits for once). And the Melbourne based Gran and Pa (aka Lynne and Tim) are equally thrilled to meet their first grandchild.

Now we’re home, we’re up for other visitors. Please just ring us beforehand, we’re happy to show off our gorgeous little girl (aka the boss!).

Harriet photos can be seen here and here.

Posted by Andrew on Oct 02 2008 under Scott News

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